International Support

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Our experts are in a position to carry out any case studies abroad, unexplained cases of under-performance, conflict situations in the company or with the local environment, partnership vetting. These are situations we can help you to clarify and provide key details.
We provide confidential “tailored” services. our experts have great experience of the “cultural” and “political” special characteristics of many regions of the world where they are still well-connected. They know how to asess in details, in each special situation, the company’s intangible value, in other words, the men and women who work for the benefit of the company, their professional and behavioural skills in an environment different from their culture of origin.

Our studies and investigations comply with international standards such as AFNOR FDX 50-054 which defines the audit’s conduct and contents. We also subscribe to the rules and regulations set by the French Chamber of Audit Engineers (CICF). These rules of ethics which we impose ourselves do not impede whatsoever our special capacity to work in a very efficient way, to make ourselves understood and appreciated in very different cultures and to achieve very good results.